Monday, November 21, 2016

Back at it

I am hesitant to begin writing again. It is kind of like when time and circumstance cause you to drift apart from someone you were once close with. The first conversation after a (too) long separation. This is that, kind of?

My writing this past year has been sporadic at best. I know it, you know it. It was not for lack of motivation to write. It was not because there wasn't a spare moment in the day. Real life: I couldn't justify spending time that I could be with my daughter baking, photographing and writing. I couldn't justify it because I spent so much time away from her everyday.

When I stopped and broke it down, the hours and the minutes, I spent roughly 90 minutes a day with Rose. That is it. She was in daycare and often sick, I was commuting to work over two hours a day. When I was home I was exhausted. It is no way to live my friends.

This lack of time, among many other reasons, led to the decision of a move.

I am writing from our new apartment in downtown Seattle. I am looking at our teeny tiny sliver of a water view and I can hear the hum of early morning traffic seven floors below. Boxes litter the floor and we still need to hang pictures on the wall, but this apartment already feels more like home than our house ever did. 

Our house sale was finalized yesterday and while I will miss certain aspects of home ownership, I am so excited for what this move means for our family. Above all it means more time, some of which I am going to use to write, cook and share an obnoxious amount of toddler pictures.

I will leave you with a picture of Rose eating cake and the promise of recipes and stories to come.

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