Sunday, December 11, 2016

Life with Rose: A year and a half in

Rosemary is a year and a half old... how did that happen?

Rose is a running, screaming, laughing, high-fiving, constantly eating, independent toddler.

It is a joy to be able to watch her grow up each day. She is going through a major language growth spurt right now and talks all the time. My favorite word of her's is "cook-oo" which means cookie. She will go into the kitchen, look up at the cookie jar and say "cook-oo..." and then I give her all of the cookies. And my wallet. Kidding (kind of.)

This girl is always eating and will try just about everything we put in front of her. She isn't a big fan of pork, but apart from that isn't picky and has a great appetite. Her favorite foods are eggs, anything flavored with chili powder or curry, stew, apples and cheese.

Most days we take her to a park or somewhere outside. She is fearless and loves slides and climbing.

Moving created a little bit of a issue with sleeping. Rose had a bit of trouble adjusting to the new apartment. We were also apprehensive about sleep training and letting her cry it out in a more communal living environment. It has taken a bit of time, but she is sleeping through the night in her crib again. 

I am so excited to share the holidays with this girl! Every morning she comes out into our living room and says "pretty" which means it is time to plug in our Christmas lights. We have plans to take her to zoo lights and the Nutcracker.

My favorite days are Saturdays. Jeff works Friday night, so we let him sleep in a bit. I like taking Rose out and walking around before the city has really woken up. It is peaceful (and often includes pastries.) 

This girl brings us so much joy!

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