Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Life with Rose

Time for a Rose update!

Rose turns two in a few short months and is such a little spitfire! She currently loves: walking/running everywhere, splashing in puddles, anything to do with water, coloring with crayons and markers, seeing friends and family (especially her cousin!) Oh and cocoa, she loves a good cup of hot cocoa.

We spend our days with her playing constantly. From the time she gets up until she crashes for a nap or bedtime Rose is in constant motion. Thankfully we have a rooftop garden where we can quickly escape for a walk and some fresh air at any time of day. There are also numerous parks within walking distance that we visit frequently. 

My dad gifted us a membership to the Children's Museum nearby and it has been a lifesaver during these cold/rainy months! We also did a round of swim lessons (this girl can KICK) and are planning a family trip to the indoor water park Great Wolf Lodge which I am sure she will love!

When not playing or sleeping, Rose can be found eating. She loves food, especially food that I make for myself. Of course I don't mind sharing. She has an affinity for peanut butter, chocolate chips, apples and bananas. She also loves fries, hamburgers, tacos, curry... really anything. She doesn't like purees anymore (probably because that was all she ate for a long time) and prefers food with texture.

I am obsessed with Rose's curls. They are amazing. I hope she grows up loving them!

Both Jeff and I are really enjoying all the time we get with Rose each and every day. While it can be challenging (she is a willful little lady!) we both realize this time is priceless and are so so happy with how the changes we made have impacted our family. It is something I am thankful for every single day.

Jeff and Rose have such a special relationship, I love seeing this because I am very close with my dad and I know Rose will grow up with the same kind of relationship. They are buddies and she lights up whenever she sees him.

She is almost two, and we are just as smitten as the day we met her!

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