Hello and welcome to The Sweet Life!

I started this blog four years ago under the advisement of a college career counselor. I was an English major slash part time baker facing the fact that in a few months time I would be out of school and in search of a real job. Write it down, she said. So I that is what I have been doing.

Over the years, this blog has become a place for me to share what is happening in my kitchen and my life.

Some crucial things about me:

I am a baker. It is what I do for work and play. I have been known to leave work covered in powdered sugar, go home and immediately make a mess in my own kitchen. I love it.

I once made a huge cake that looked like Bender from Futerama (pardon the yellow, 3AM bakery lighting.)

 I have a lot of energy and love to exercise. Right now I am into yoga and getting back into running with my daughter.

I drink a whole mess of coffee every day. Pour-over with half and half is my go-to at home, but I will really take coffee in any form it is offered.

I live in Bremerton with a cat, a boy and a baby.

Macarons are my favorite treat to make...

...but I don't really like eating them. I like eating gigantic brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

I love beer... porters and stouts are my favorite.

That being said, give me a Campari cocktail any day!

As much as I love to bake, I also am a writer. Thank you for stopping by the place I am able to do both!

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